PUBG New State: How to pre-register for the ability to download PUBG Mobile 2

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Trailer PUBG New State :

1 - pubg new state download

تحميل لعبة pubg new state للاندرويد pubg mobile 2
Downloading the new and advanced version of PUBG Mobile offers you many amazing additions and updates that make it another level for mobile games. Pubg mobile 2 new state, pre-registration

2 - pubg new state apk

Switch to chicken dinners, it's time for meal-sharing dehydrated protein powder, as PUBG Mobile jumps into the future with the all-new PUBG New State. This is a brand new game, inspired by the popular royal battle game on mobile, but which takes place in the future (with a few other changes as well).
You can't play PUBG New State yet - although it has been announced, there is no release date for the game - but you can pre-register. If you do, your smartphone will automatically download PUBG New State as soon as it's released, allowing you to be one of the first to search for weapons in the new "Troi" card.
There is also a bonus for people who pre-register: there is a vehicle layout that early users can use on their cars.
So if you want to be one of the first players of PUBG New State, or if you just want a new camouflage, here's how to sign up for the game.

- pubg new state beta download

Unfortunately, at the time we write these lines, iOS players cannot pre-register with PUBG New State because the app is not yet listed on the App Store.
It seems that registrations will be open soon, so you will still be able to pre-register and get a free dressing for your vehicle, but not right away.When that changes, we will update this article.

How to pre-register for PUBG New State on Android

The pre-registration of PUBG New State is open on Android devices, and we can also see the requirements of the system. You must be on Android 6 or higher, with 2.5GB of RAM.

Unless you have an old device, everything should be fine, but it's likely that the game has graphics settings (like the original Mobile PUBG), so you'll need a powerful device to access high-resolution settings. Check out our list of the best gaming phones if you need a new one.

To pre-register, visit the Google Play store and search "PUBG New State" or, more simply, click here. Then click the "Pre-registration" button, and you'll all be entered into the game.

Then, when PUBG New State is launched, it will either be downloaded automatically or you will receive a notification informing you, depending on your device.

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